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Born and raised a Michigan native but recently relocated to the ocean, Yelena has found her passion and calling in life with Astrology. She is determined to make it her mission to educate the world that you are more than JUST your sun sign and that Astrology is WAY more than just what most see as a fun thing to read in magazine columns. This ancient study and practice have completely changed her life and her understanding of how the Universe works. After a deep, challenging, and profound spiritual awakening back in 2017 she began studying Astrology and the calling she received to do so has only gotten stronger with time.

Yelena has studied under well-known Astrologers, Heather Eland & Acyuta Bhava-Das. She is trained with the Western Tropical Zodiac and blends a mix of Modern and Traditional Hellenistic techniques in her practice. In 2021 she began her teaching career as a Teacher's Assistant under Astrologer, Heather Eland in the Cosmic Academy of Astrology. She is currently deepening her studies by branching out into Astro-Herbalism & Medical Astrology studying under Sajah Popham at The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. 


Yelena has also studied Yoga deeply having completed two - 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certifications under EnSoul Yoga & Jonny Kest (LifePower Yoga). She is also a Certified Whole Life Healing Coach which she incorporates in all of her readings. Yelena is dedicated to improving her life and the lives of those around her by consistently seeking her truth and the truth of reality by diving deep!

In her spare time, she loves hanging out with her 10-year-old Biewer Terrier, Ozzy. She has a passion for house music, palm trees, graphic design, and cooking! You can find more of her work on her YouTube Channel - Yelena Crawford - Intuitive Astrologer!


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Sarasota, Florida

Yelena Crawford - Intuitive Astrologer

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