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Hello Cosmic Family,

Whew! What a past month it was… I mentioned at the introduction of last month’s guide that we had officially entered into the most intense portion of the year and I feel like even THAT was an understatement. If you’re November was anything like mine - I felt cooked from the energy so I’m right here with you! Well my friends, we are STILL in it and about to move into ANOTHER eclipse but we have a lot of old cycles ending which I like and the hard work we put in now will set us up for success in 2022 so HANG IN THERE! Keep reading to get the details on the energy of December…

Neptune Stations Direct in Pisces - December 1

Neptune’s retrograde in its home sign of Pisces began on June 25th. Neptune is a mysterious planet associated with creativity, imagination, intuition and stems from the unseen realms of interconnectedness. It can also manifest as a confusion, lack of clarity, and even deception through which we perceive the world, our relationships, dreams for the future, and spiritual understandings.

Over the past 5 months, Neptune Retrograde may have had you exploring within about the meaning of life, potentially moving through moments where things previously clear to you became confusing -OR- shocking realizations pulled you out of illusion. It may have been a time to re-think and re-assess your creative pursuits and talents - for some potentially falling into an uninspired slump leaving you confused of how to proceed forward.

With Neptune now moving forward and gaining momentum in the months to come the themes associated with your Pisces area of life may become more clear in terms of what dreams and wishes you desire to create. You may find that its much easier to express yourself creatively and pull your vivid and colorful ideas out of your mental space and into the material realm. This energy may be reverse if you were born with Neptune Retrograde in your chart and you may operate more efficiently under these retrograde time periods. For those natives, with this direct motion you may find it challenging once again to express yourself creatively and often find yourself in a foggy daydream.

New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius - December 4

2:43 AM EDT - 12 degrees Sagittarius

Energy is MOST active November 28th through December 10th

(We must remember that eclipses play out over the course of a 6-month time period so the actual energy of this will last MUCH longer than just the date of the eclipse itself.)

Potentially more challenging for: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces

This is the FINAL eclipse on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis which will assist us in closing out a storyline that’s been playing out since around May/June of 2020! In the Spring of 2022 we’ll be fully transitioned into another 18-month eclipse cycle on the Taurus/Scorpio axis in all of our charts. This chapter is ending with a Total Solar Eclipse which is a New Moon coinciding with the South Node - this holds a special signature of a release, unraveling, letting go combined with a fresh start and new beginning of some sort.

Eclipses tend to run in tandem with time periods of movement and change in our lives. Sagittarius is a sign associated with learning and growth, expansion, and adventure. If something is no longer assisting you in doing all of these things in life this super charged lunation will facilitate the events you need in leaving behind whatever necessary to align more with your karmic destiny. Any outdated belief systems and paradigms of existence that aren’t serving you will be tried and tested at this time. This eclipse is conjunct Mercury, the planet of mind, intelligence, communication, and ideas - this may assist you in releasing aspects of your intellect, thought patterns, or ways of conversing with others that have been keeping you in a holding pattern.

Take note of the themes associated with the houses ruled by Sagittarius and Gemini in your natal chart - these themes may come to the forefront at this time. There are two important manifestation dates I want you to look out for that could set the storyline into action further:

-December 25, 2021 - Mars will connect with the South Node eclipse point bringing potential movement or activity to this dynamic. Since Mars is also associated with challenge, frustration, and separation this could be a time when the cutting away or letting go begins or is initiated in some way, shape, or form.

-March 2, 2022 - New Moon at 12 degrees Pisces will square the Sagittarius eclipse point. There may be a big manifestation of what this eclipse energy is bringing in for you during or around this time period.

Mars enters Sagittarius - December 13

In Sagittarius Mars is a wanderer but at least it’s comfortable in that this archetype matches its fiery energy! It’s no coincidence that Mars makes its way into this optimistic and eager to learn sign at the end of the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle!

Mars = movement, initiation, energy, force. It will be assisting all of us in making moves, letting go of, severing, separating, and cutting away at the things that have reached their expiration dates. This will no doubt be paired with a certain level of intensity! It certainly holds the potential of creating conflict and aggression if not used correctly, if you think or believe in only one way and don't have an open mind, and/or for those who resist the energy of change altogether. Take care and consideration of the things you’re moving away from and/or leaving behind in that you don’t burn bridges or create unnecessary strife for yourself or others. In true Sagittarius fashion, pull yourself back and observe the bigger picture of how these things previously played a role in your growth and development at one time and walk away with this truth, the knowledge and experience you’ve gained, and also the peace of mind!

Mars will be traveling through this sign until January 24, 2022. During this time you may be motivated to express your energy through learning, adventure, travel, and picking away at distant goals. For some, this may expand their energy in a big way which can in some instances become overbearing or appear blunt/harsh but for most it will feel inspired, optimistic, and full of life!

Mercury enters Capricorn - December 13

The same day Mars enters Sagittarius shifting our energy and motivations - there is also a shift in our thinking and communication with Mercury entering ambitious and determined Capricorn. We will no doubt be concerned with our goals and building practical and stable foundations for our future. Not only will we have the motivation and optimism to do so, but our mind will have the focus and patience to apply our ideas in a practical way. Sometimes a Sagittarius Mars can be impatient and easily bored, wanting what it wants instantaneously - but with Mercury in the Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn this will help to provide structure and discipline mentally to temper these bursts of impulsivity, and incessant desire for change/movement.

This is an excellent time for planning out the next few months/years of your life, laying out the blueprint and also executing it in a methodical and patient manner. “Time is of the essence” means nothing under this energy as slow and steady will certainly win the race. If you’re still in the now, now, now mindset I would highly suggest putting any practices in place that will support your mind in slowing down, focusing, and surrendering to a delay in gratification. This energy will certainly support you in doing so.

Full Moon in Gemini - December 18

11:35 PM EDT - 27 degrees Gemini

Energy is MOST active December 15th through December 21st

As you can see there’s a significant theme this month of release, culmination, letting go and ending of a cycle. Not just because it’s December and we’re wrapping up 2021 but this is another completion point of the Gemini/Sagittarius axis eclipse cycle! On June 10, 2021 we had our final New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini at 19 degrees helping to seed the final manifestation associated with the changes that have been taking place in the Gemini area of your chart the past 18-months. This is the 6-month culmination and fruition point of that eclipse. Take note of where you are, how much you've grown, learned, and developed - and pat yourself on the back when due!

The karmic and fated North Node of the Moon has been traveling through Gemini since around May 2020 assisting us in growing and expanding in this area of life. This Full Moon will help to illuminate either a crisis point where we may see that our efforts were not fruitful and adjustments and changes may be necessary -OR- we bid a final farewell, let go of certain things, or celebrate a job well done with recognition of the work we have put it! Gemini has a natural affiliation with our mind, learning, teaching, information, and the sharing of ideas - it is very curious energy that may have required you to process and integrate A LOT and balance multiple tasks at the same time. Multi-tasking at its finest!

What I love about this Full Moon is the trine it makes over to Jupiter in Aquarius! This brings in an ease and optimism with these endings, culminations, and or adjustments that are being made! This is an excellent time to shed light on what it is you’ve learned, how you’ve grown and developed over the past 1.5 years and take notice of any opportunities to use these skills or knowledge moving forward. Once the North Node leaves Gemini and enters earth sign, Taurus in January we’ll be able to put these things into practical application and create something material from them!

Venus Stations Retrograde in Capricorn - December 19

26 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto

Potentially more challenging for: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Venus retrogrades about once every 18 months and goes retrograde in the same sign once every 8 years - making the last sojourn in Capricorn December 2013 to January 2014. The major difference with this 2021/2022 retrograde cycle is that Venus will station retrograde conjunct powerful and destructive yet regenerative Pluto! It will move from 26 degrees Capricorn back to 11 degrees and forward once again.

Now that we’ve been through the process of letting go of old belief systems relative to the old world, our old life, and outdated ways of being - Venus is stepping in to show us what we TRULY want, value, and desire for our future! And NO not just giving in to things that bring us instantaneous pleasure and gratification or engaging in shallow and short lived relationships/friendships. This Venus Retrograde will certainly take us on an inward journey of re-assessing, re-structuring, re-thinking, and potentially rejecting dynamics in our lives associated with love and relationship, friendship and connection, money and material items, and the things that bring us joy and pleasure.

Diving a bit deeper this also holds truth for jobs and ways of bringing in revenue where we’re giving away our power, being subject to control, and being undervalued, manipulated, and unappreciated. Or you may be the one restructuring the power and force you assert on others in these settings. Focus may be turned towards the material purchases made in your life - where can you be more disciplined, frugal, and where do the material items in your life hold a practical application and value and what does not. Challenging life circumstances that occur during this time could ultimately help you to foster a healthier relationship with money in general once this transit is all said and done - where can you put a plan in place for future savings, investments, paying off debts, etc.

In terms of relationships - there may be a sudden event/realization shining light on the differences in goals and ambitions in your partnership, a revaluing of yourself and stepping away from or changing a situation involving continued manipulation, issues of power, control, and jealousy or even realizing certain people/situations are or aren’t ideal for your long term goals/plans and wanting to secure something with a more stable and solid foundation. Ultimately this 1.5 month long retrograde has the potential to put certain challenges and roadblocks on our path to help us achieve these necessary realizations!

Chiron Stations Direct in Aries - December 19

The wounded healer has been retrograde since July 15, 2021 moving from 12 degrees to 8 degrees Aries. Since Chiron has such a slow orbit this energy is felt much more subtle however when retrograde can make you hyper aware of certain insecurities, an awkwardness, and/or wounding from past traumas that you hold. This acute awareness could have prevented you from having the confidence and courage needed to truly express yourself as an individual, assert your power, and take action.

Now that Chiron is direct, the ability to heal, feel more confident, and move forward with integrating any woundings becomes more of a possibility. You may feel more brave when standing in your power, a teacher/mentor/guide may appear to show you the way, or maybe you understand aspects of your past and are able to embody the lessons learned with more ease.

Sun enters Capricorn - Winter Solstice - December 21

Each year when the Sun enters Capricorn it has descended to its lowest point and in the Northern Hemisphere coincides with the shortest day of the year with the least amount of light. This time of year we’ve moved through the season of “death” and dove deep into the underworld traversing through the literal and metaphorical darkness and the solstice point sparks a light and glimmer of hope within as the Sun begins its ascent once again towards more light!

With the Sun shifting our focus and perception onto Capricorn themes we may find an heir of persistence, focus, determination, planning, realism, and ambition infiltrating our everyday reality. As this runs in tandem this year with Venus Retrograde and the closing out of eclipse season we may notice a seriousness in the air - requiring us to enter states of quiet contemplation and develop aspects of maturity that we haven’t yet explored. On another note, in just a few short days we have the final direct hit of the frustrating Saturn square Uranus dynamic that we’ve been challenged to work with all year long. This energy will no doubt require disciplined focus and a pivot or change which this Capricorn energy will support us in making.

Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus Rx in Taurus - December 24

Oh what an interesting Christmas Eve it will be! Whether you’re aware of the dynamics of Saturn square Uranus in an Astrological sense or not you’ve NO DOUBT been feeling and dealing with the repercussions of it all year long! So allow me to enlighten you to what this energy is all about…

The old vs. the new in our lives. A pull, or unsettled feeling, of wanting change in a certain area of life but feeling the backwards pull of the past, past structures and responsibilities, delays, etc - not allowing it to occur in a timely and satisfying manner. Feeling the need for independence, rebellion, change but feeling stuck, controlled, restricted with the appearance of no way forward. These are just a few ways of describing how this energy could manifest… you can see it going on collectively and I’m sure you feel it in your personal lives as well!

There have been 2 direct hits of this energy where these themes ramped up the tension, stress, and frustration in our lives and required us to pivot or change ultimately making it hard to find stability. Think back to these specific time periods:

-First Hit: February 17, 2021

-Second Hit: June 14, 2021

In most cases, this energy and life circumstances related to it will not be foreign to you. During this time you will most likely be faced with another challenge point that requires you to make another adjustment, pivot, or change. At least now you have this information and can prepare ahead of time. Forewarned is forearmed! And that’s why we love Astrology so much!

Jupiter enters Pisces - December 28

I feel blessed to be able to end this monthly forecast on such a positive note and secondly, for all of us to end the year off with a BEAUTIFUL Astrological energy. Jupiter enters its traditional home sign of Pisces once again, this time staying for about 5 months! Jupiter is the planet of expansion, learning, abundance, luck, faith, optimism, protection, and opportunity! When in Pisces, Jupiter can operate in its most optimal fashion. Amongst all of the obstacles December brings, this is DEFINITELY a breathe of fresh air to finish off the month.

We had a brief preview of this energy from May 14th to July 31st, 2021. Interestingly, this was when a lot of restrictions were lifted (in the USA anyways) and a lot of faith and optimism was restored. This certainly won't solve all of the worlds problems as Saturn in Aquarius (restrictions on the collective) will now be left to his own devices (without Jupiter in Aquarius cushioning the potential Saturnian challenges) but it will definitely bring something good in the Pisces house of our charts nonetheless! Even a subtle internal shift from depression and pessimism to faith and optimism can help our personal situations out tremendously. Check the house ruled by Pisces in your chart for an idea on the blessings you could have coming in!

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Well here’s your Cosmic Guide for December 2021! Hard to believe this NEW addition to my Astrology content has already been through 3 months of growth… I hope you’re all still enjoying it! I wanted to apologize as well for my absence this past month on Instagram and YouTube… like I mentioned last month was TOUGH and I had to take care of my health. I’m excited and ready to create more content for you this month so keep your eye out!

One last thing, if you’re interested in making sense of this energy we’re currently navigating and getting an idea of what the next few months ahead hold for you then make sure to schedule a PERSONAL READING with me. These also make great HOLIDAY GIFTS for family members, loved ones, and friends and you would be helping out a small business tremendously during these changing and tumultuous times. You can schedule a reading by visiting my website. Please email with any questions you may have.

Happy Holidays!


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