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Hello Cosmic Family,

With a newly direct Venus and very soon to be direct Mercury, I have some really good news for you all! All planets, and yes, I said ALL PLANETS, are direct until April 29th! This will really help us as the month progresses to begin moving things forward. I don’t know about you guys, but this past couple months of retrogrades have seemed like ETERNITY! Here’s what we have in store for the month ahead...

New Moon in Aquarius - February 1st

12:46 AM EDT - 12º Aquarius (square Uranus in Taurus & conjunct Saturn)

Energy is MOST active January 30th through February 3rd

This electrifying New Moon could have you seeking change but coming up against a roadblock or challenge. With all the potential instability and disruption there could be a nervous tension or jolt to the neurological system with Uranus’s influence. Luckily, the zodiac sign Aquarius and its modern ruler Uranus, signify outside-of-the-box ideas and divine inspirations. To that end, whatever challenges we come up against will be matched with the ability to envision other timelines and possibilities!

This Aquarius New Moon heralds in the Lunar New Year, as it’s the 1st one of 2022. Don’t get caught up in old paradigms of thought or ways of operating in the world and use this future-oriented, innovative energy to imagine another way forward. Since Saturn (who is the neighbor to this New Moon) loves to be in Aquarius, whatever flashes of brilliance we channel during this lunation have a good chance of crystalizing here in reality with staying power.

NEW MOON TIP: Keep a journal handy during this time as the ideas/inspirations/insights Aquarius and Uranus bring in, tend to be quick and fleeting like lightning! Also, be patient with whatever it is you’re trying to execute. With Uranus in a square to this lunation, we may be trying to move too quickly and impulsively… harness the Saturnian energy of patience and responsibility.

Mercury Stations Direct in Capricorn - February 3rd

24º Capricorn (conjunct Pluto)

On January 14, 2022, Mercury stationed retrograde in the air sign of Aquarius and moved back into the earth sign of Capricorn. Prepare to see the theme all year of this movement from air into earth signs which signifies the reassessment of things on the mental plane (air) and recreation or restructuring of them on the physical plane (earth). If you were planning on moving in a certain direction you may have noticed yourself having to think it over again, shift some things around and then execute the restructuring in your everyday life. I know this has certainly been the case for me! And this is the beauty of retrograde energy… all annoyances aside, they usually realign us with where we need to be!

While Mercury is back in Capricorn it will have your mind on the foundations and structures in your life. This may include your job/career, goals/ambitions, traditions, sustainability, and longevity. All of these things are up for a potential adjustment or shift in direction. On a more basic level, any issues with technology, communication, the mind, mail services, transportation, vehicles, etc will begin to clear themselves up in the weeks to come as Mercury moves forward and picks up speed.

True Node November 2021 Eclipse Activation - February 6th-16th

North Node activates 27º Eclipse Point from 1st Taurus Lunar Eclipse NOV 2021

If you’re someone who follows the cycles of Astrology often you may have noticed the influence of eclipses in your life. Eclipses are interesting as they may not always bring change right away (however this is not always the case) and tend to play out over the course of the 5-6 months to follow. There are certain times when the exact degree of the eclipse is activated by a transiting planet or point in the sky - and this is one of those moments!

The transiting North Node (associated with destined things happening in our lives) - which has just entered the sign of Taurus (first time since 2003) is activating the Lunar Eclipse that took place there at 27º on November 19, 2021. Lunar eclipses are similar to Full Moons but much more powerful and fated. They signify highly emotional periods of culmination, release, and fruition. So what exactly does this activation period mean?

Fated events that are associated with this 18-month eclipse cycle we just entered (January 2022 to July 2023), tend to manifest around the dates of these activations. With that said, take note of what happens between February 6th and 16th and see if anything interesting takes place!

Mercury re-enters Aquarius - February 14th

The planet of mind and communication re-enters Aquarius for the second time this year and will remain there until March 9th. It has us open to more big ideas and information. Mercury fares very well in Aquarius and tends to be a quick learner and inventive thinker. With all of this back and forth movement between Capricorn and Aquarius, we may have missed a step, needed to have a serious conversation/contemplation, or for some reason, we were required to retrace our steps - the past month. Again, be open to a shift in mindset that will inspire you towards the correct timeline!

Full Moon in Leo - February 16th

11:56 AM EDT - 28º Leo (square North Node in Taurus)

Energy is MOST active February 14th through February 18th

Every Full Moon is the point of fruition or culmination related to the New Moon in the same sign - 6 months prior. With that said, think back to the New Moon in Leo, August 8, 2021. What was it that you were seeding? Are you seeing the fruits of your labor? Or are you realizing adjustments need to be made or this manifestation may need to be scrapped altogether?

This Full Moon holds the potential for movement that’s tied to the direction of your destined path. Pay attention at this time to the things that completely light you up. This is also tied in with the November Lunar Eclipse in Taurus activation as well since it’s happening 1º away from where it occurred. Not only that but in tandem Mars will connect with a reborn and out of retrograde Venus in Capricorn at the same time - really amping up the passion and emotional energy present and bringing a relationship element into the dynamics at play.

Leo is a sign associated with our child-like nature & children, creative talents, being in the spotlight, active enthusiasm, leadership, romance, and joy. Leo is also tied to the heart chakra and the things we love that drive us forward in the most passionate way possible. You may be challenged at this time to cut ties with the things that hold you back from doing just that!

Mars conjunct Venus in Capricorn - February 16th

16º Capricorn (trine Uranus in Taurus)

Running concurrently with the Full Moon in Leo, a newly direct Venus and Mars in the sign of its exaltation (where it operates most efficiently) come together in a passionate way which births a brand new cycle. Venus, the goddess of love - rules over the domain of relationships, friendship, desires, money & possessions, beauty & aesthetics. Mars, the warrior God, rules over motivation, sex drive, ambition, energy, conflict, strife, severing, and separation. With this pair of lovers united in the driven, ambitious, and grounded sign of Capricorn - we’re all in for a cycle that will realign us with a more structured and practical way of relating to all of these themes while making them strong and reliable for us for the long term!

If your work or love relationships, current job structure, or even discipline with handling money and finances is on shaky ground there’s always a potential for Mars to charge it out of your life in order to assist you with the rebuild. This connection also has the potential to reignite the fire you hold within which could cement what’s already there or bring in something that will hold the test of time! Ultimately, if you needed some assistance with movement after all the retrograde energy of January then this will certainly help to do the trick!

Sun enters Pisces - February 18th

We haven’t experienced much water energy (intuitive, receptive, emotional) since deep and transformative Scorpio season (late October into November 2021) and are due for an inner emotional check-in. The Sun shifts into the compassionate, sensitive, and magical sign of Pisces later in the month shining a light on our connection to the divine as well as our tendencies towards martyrdom, victimhood, addiction, and escapism. As we know each zodiac sign holds with it a spectrum of energies and the energy tends to meet us where we are.

Our psychic sensitivities and creative genius inside may heighten during the season of the fish! You also may notice an increase in dreams that are lucid or hold with them a significant meaning that aids in shifting your deeply held beliefs. As we near the end of February, our personal belief systems, religious and spiritual understandings, sense of faith, and optimism is highlighted as the Sun approaches a conjunction with the planet of luck, abundance, and opportunity itself, Jupiter (we’ll dive deeper into this in next month’s Cosmic Guide). All I will say is that I really love this transit!

During Pisces season (late February into March), if you’re looking to dive deep into spirituality, heal on a deeper level, connect to your inner-knowing, access a more compassionate version of yourself, initiate a creative project, or leave behind an addiction - then this energy will support your efforts. It can also work in the opposite way, with the potential to pull you deeper into whatever means of escaping you prefer in order to avoid what needs to be resolved in the mundane world. Watch out for self-sacrificial behaviors and the lack of personal boundaries leading to you possibly being taken advantage of!


Well here’s your Cosmic Guide for February 2022! As I mentioned earlier, I’m VERY excited that ALL PLANETS are now direct until late April 2022 - this will really help to move things forward in all of our lives. Other than the challenging New Moon at the beginning of the month that re-activates the ongoing Saturn/Uranus square of 2021 it looks to be a pretty low-key and enjoyable month ahead! Wishing you all the best!

One last thing, if you’re interested in making sense of this energy we’re currently navigating and getting an idea of what the next few months ahead hold for you then make sure to schedule a PERSONAL READING with me. I only have 6 spots left for the entire month of February. You can schedule a reading by visiting my website. Please email with any questions you may have.


Yelena Crawford

Intuitive Astrologer

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