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Hello Cosmic Family,

It’s hard to believe another year is behind us… but I know you’re probably just as excited as I am to welcome in 2022 and leave 2021 in the past! I’m even more excited to bring to you all the Astrological information you need to help you navigate this first month of the year! My apologies it’s a few days late! We have a BIG month, although it will be more of an introspective one… my advice is to try not to force anything especially if it just doesn’t seem to be moving right now. The month of February will be much more supportive when it comes to forward momentum.

Also, we are shifting numerologically into a 6 Universal Year! Moving from the more unstable energy of change, the 5, into an energy of service, family, relationship, and responsibility! This is an excellent year to focus on the things that really matter - home, health, and healing. For some of us, this may mean taking on more responsibility while for others it’s a revisioning of who/what feels like home. This is yet another layer of information to help us decode the energies of the year ahead.

New Moon in Capricorn - January 2

1:33 PM EDT - 12º Capricorn trine Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

Energy is MOST active December 31st through January 4th

Coinciding almost perfectly with the New Year we start off 2022 with another symbol of new beginnings and a brand new cycle with the New Moon in Capricorn. We have a LOT currently inhabiting the Capricorn area of our charts which shines the spotlight on discipline, dedication, building, hard work, responsibility, and practical necessities. Capricorn energy is no stranger to buckling down and putting in the work and that is certainly what this new moon will inspire us to do!

This lunation is connecting harmoniously with Uranus Retrograde in Taurus. This energy is helping to support the process of setting us up internally to soon be prepared to make the outward changes necessary! I also see this as openings, opportunities, luck and abundance that will appear in the next 30 days as well as the next 6 month longer lunar cycle - to support you in making these big changes! As the saying goes with Uranus, expect the unexpected!

As with any dark moon - these few days are asking for you to rest, retreat, and go inward to prepare for a big month ahead! You may feel extra energetic or even feel a somewhat nervous energy with the Uranian influence. It will be important to soothe the nervous system at this time with any modality that works best for you (ex. yoga, salt baths, essential oils, calming herbs and teas, nourishing home cooked meal, etc).

Mercury enters Aquarius - January 2

Wherever Mercury travels we receive a shift in our thinking and communication. Luckily in the inventive and future focused sign of Aquarius, Mercury fares rather well. As we focus on our plans, goals, and ideals for the future we will more than likely have inspired ideas that are unique and outside of the box! You’ll definitely want to take caution not to latch on too tightly to any of them however, as the influence of this progressive air sign can also be rather fixed and dogmatic when it finds something it believes is its truth. And THIS Mercury, is about to undergo a MAJOR process so whatever you become too fixed on will almost always be changing as later in the month we’ll be entering another Mercury Retrograde time period.

My advice to you: Think big, innovate what isn’t working, be mentally open and adaptable to changing circumstances, write down your downloads and big ideas!

Venus Cazimi in Capricorn - January 8

Sun conjunct Venus Retrograde at 18º Capricorn

This is an exciting point in the Venus Retrograde cycle that’s been going on since mid-December where the planet of love, relationships, money & possessions, and our indulgences and desires is purified and reborn into a brand new version of herself. Venus is transitioning from her evening star phase and being reborn as a morning star where there’s a rise in powerful feminine qualities, abundance, and a difference in relating with others in a more outwardly manifesting way.

Before this purification begins when Venus is Cazimi at the heart of the sun, she is said to be burned up by the sun’s rays. This is symbolic of the burning away of old aspects of ourselves, the ways in which we relate to others, and our direct relationship with money that will not serve us in this new cycle moving forward.

When we relate this to Capricorn energy, this is a purging process to let go of things that are not a necessity with regard to spending and accumulating, relationships that lack longevity, seriousness, commitment, and even the parts of you that shy away from the discipline and hard work necessary to reach your ambitious desires!

Mercury Stations Retrograde - January 14

10º Aquarius square Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

This will be an interesting period as Mercury will retrograde in two different zodiac signs - Aquarius (air) and Capricorn (earth) and while in Aquarius reactivates the Saturn Uranus square adding emphasis to the restructuring that’s been going on all year. The planet of the mind, thought processes, communication, contracts, travel, electronics, and vehicles will station direct again on February 3rd. There will be a lot of reassessing of old thought patterns, ideas, beliefs, group and friend associations, plans for the future, etc while in Aquarius. Once Mercury takes a step back into Capricorn, things become much more physical, real, and tangible. You may be re-doing some things, putting in more hard work, re-planning or re-structuring your plans and goals.

This is why it will be important while Mercury is in Aquarius not to get your mind fixed on any ideal as it will most likely need to be tested while in Capricorn and then put through innovation again once Mercury re-enters Aquarius later on in February. This is a process of going back and forth over things relative to the themes tied to the Aquarius and Capricorn areas of your chart.

You may be faced with challenges associated with contracts and negotiations at this time. If you can wait until outside of this time period (01/14 to 02/03) to sign on the dotted line it would be most ideal. Travel (especially short-distance by vehicle) can prove to be problematic at this time. Electronics, mail delivery, business transactions are all subject to delays, issues, malfunctions.

Other Important Dates:

1/23 - Mercury Cazimi (3º Aquarius)

- be open to divine insights, inspirations, news coming in and clarity on this day

1/25 - Mercury Rx enters Capricorn

1/26 - Mercury Rx trine North Node in Taurus (29º Capricorn)

- could be a day when something shifts mentally or you receive news of some sort that aligns you further with your karmic path - very fated energy

1/28 - Mercury Rx conjunct Pluto (26º Capricorn)

- hidden information could be revealed, intense and deep conversations, a deep focus

Full Moon in Cancer - January 17

6:48 PM EDT - 27º Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn

Energy is MOST active January 14th through January 20th

This lunation will promise a heightened energy full of sensitivity and emotion. With all the cold and emotionally turned off Aquarius and Capricorn energy we’ve been navigating this will no doubt be the perfect offering to balance things out a bit. A time to focus on giving back to ourselves, nurturing and caretaking of our inner world and that of our loved ones. Matters of home and family could be extra significant now.

At this point in the month, we will all be DEEP in our own retrograde processes. There’s a strong possibility that decisions will need to be made for some and this energy will help us to harness the intuitive gifts within that is begging for its guidance to be heard. Taking extra notice to what ‘feels’ right and what doesn’t… let that gut instinct lead the way. Connect with the affirmation, “I Feel” to strengthen trust within yourself.

With the Sun closely positioned next to Pluto across the sky from this lunation - there will certainly be an intensity added to this dynamic. It will magnetize deep feelings and emotions, potentially bringing relationship drama to the surface and making personal safety and security more important than usual. This is a time of fruition, culmination, surrender and letting go - honor whatever is coming up to leave at this time and celebrate any wins that are being illuminated.

Uranus Stations Direct in Taurus - January 18

10º Taurus

- square Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

- trine Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

Uranus the radical planet associated with rebellion, sudden and unexpected change, upheaval, divine inspiration, freedom and liberation - has been retrograde since August 19, 2021. Uranus is the planet that invokes a desire within us to create change. When retrograde, it may have been easier for us to keep this desire inside, to suppress the urge for radical change, to push down the incessant need for freedom! Well, that time is coming to a big rolling stop! Uranus is a slower moving planet so it will take a while to build up its momentum again but once it does, the phrase “change is inevitable” becomes nothing but an understatement! Get ready!

All in all, this change is exactly what we need and we should be no stranger to what now needs to be shifted or radically altered in our lives at this point. If you’re in alignment with this and in an adaptable state of mind than this process can be truly liberating!

Nodal Shift: North Node in Taurus/South Node in Scorpio - January 18

Now this isn’t something we get the chance to discuss very often. The reason being is that the nodes only shift signs every 18 months. The last time the North Node was in Taurus and the South Node was in Scorpio was 18 years ago! That’s right… think back to 2003 and 2004 and get an idea of some themes that were going on for you at that time. Whenever the nodes shift it brings new lessons and themes into all of our lives - so roll up your sleeves and prepare to get your hands dirty!

Wherever the North Node shifts we experience a gain and increase in that area of life - for good or bad depending on what your personal chart says. It can certainly be an exhilarating time of expansion and growth but it can also be a time where we have an insatiable hunger or desire that needs to be tempered. This go around, the North Node is shifting into the grounded, reliable, slow & steady sign of Taurus. This will bring an increase in themes related to money, finances and personal possessions, connecting with nature and utilizing natural/tangible resources, working steadily towards goals and ambitions, themes of comfort and security, and indulging in life through the senses.

Wherever the South Node shifts we tend to let go of things, experience an unraveling or decrease in energy, and may sometimes find ourselves escaping. One of my teachers explained the nodes to me as: “South Node is the bottle. North Node is the meeting.” With this nodal shift, the South Node makes its way into deep and intense, Scorpio. The sign that’s no stranger to experiencing the full range of human emotion and a continuous death and rebirth process. This archetype is all about death and destruction, our shadow aspects, addictions, compulsions, secrets, sex, power dynamics, and passion.

As you can see the Taurus/Scorpio axis has a lot to do with our basic needs for survival. It will be extra important to balance out these two areas of life in the next 18 months. You may be challenged with your resourcefulness vs. transformational capacity, healthy indulgence vs. addictive tendencies, building long lasting structures vs. allowing destruction of what no longer serves, honoring your personal morals, values, ethics vs. personal empowerment within unhealthy control dynamics, etc.

Sun enters Aquarius - January 19

The Sun travels into yet another Saturn ruled zodiac sign, Aquarius. The difference here is that in the other Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn we were extremely focused on our personal ambitions and trying to amount to far reaching goals and potentially high expectations of those in positions of authority over us. Once the Sun enters eccentric and independent, Aquarius, you may realize the importance of paving your own path in life with what works for YOU regardless of the expectations of others. There may also be an emphasis on what’s good for the group here - how can you pave the way forward independently while still serving the best interest of the collective in the process.

We will no doubt be fueled nonetheless with more ambition - continuing to work on what it was we began to set into motion during Capricorn season. With the Aquarius influence, we’ll be looking through a much more innovative lens and ideas for improvement of our ambitious endeavors will begin to present themselves out of thin air. Personal creativity and intuition will be running high at this time!

Mercury Cazimi in Aquarius - January 23

Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde at 3º Aquarius

Similar to the Venus Cazimi we discussed earlier on in the month, Mercury is also being purified and reborn. Since Mercury rules over the mind, our thoughts, communication, and our ability to process information; when it’s placed next to the king (the Sun), all of these things appear crystal clear for just a brief time period this day. If there are questions or challenges of some sort you’ve been grappling with - you may find your answers with this alignment. Maybe you’ve been having a difficult time grasping a topic of study and after this day it gets increasingly easier to understand. This could be a turning point of understanding, clearer communication, or an even-ing out of a concentration of thoughts you’ve been plagued with.

Make sure to take some time to sit silently with yourself during this day to make use of the potent energy! The modern ruler of Aquarius is wild-card Uranus! With that said, these flashes of insight and inspiration could come in quick as lightning and out of nowhere - but they also exit just as fast. TIP: Keep a pen and paper handy!

Mars enters Capricorn - January 24

Being a Mars in Capricorn native myself, I’m really looking forward to this one! Mars has a significant effect on our personal energy levels and motivation - wherever it moves in the sky will also significantly affect aggression, sexual drive, accidents, injuries, ambition, and self-assertion. Mars happens to LOVE being in the sign of Capricorn - it’s considered to be exalted here. This energy will certainly add to your ambitious nature and will provide you with the fuel necessary to get the job done!

When you put the planet Mars and the sign of Capricorn together you get an unbelievable work ethic - sometimes even to the point of being a workaholic. Under the affects of this energy, your goals and ambitions become your #1 priority aside from everything else. You’ll want to watch that you don’t push your relationships aside here and try to find some work/life balance.

If you have some important projects you’re executing at this time, this boost of Mars energy will have you operating from a slow and deliberate place. Carefully planning one intentional step after another and developing a strong sense of self-discipline. A couple things to remember while Mars is in Capricorn… slow and steady wins, don’t waste your time on things that won’t have a positive impact on your future, and always be discerning before involving your valuable time and effort in something.

Venus Stations Direct in Capricorn - January 29

11º Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus

The planet of beauty, money/resources, love, relationships, and aesthetics has been retrograde since December 19, 2021. The first thing that comes to mind when writing this is… YAY! lol Whatever the story is with Venus in the sky directly affects the types of interactions we have with others in our every day lives. If you’ve been challenged in a lot of your personal relationships lately, well, this would most likely be why. Ultimately, Venus Retrograde in Capricorn and her “run ins” with transformative yet intense, Pluto, were put into all of our lives to help us step further into truly valuing ourselves and our resources in all the right ways that will contribute to our future success! Now, especially with Pluto involved, this isn’t always the prettiest or most-comfortable process.

With this direct motion of Venus, we can start to integrate the big lessons we’ve learned and realizations we’ve had. We can make those big decisions that only a process like this could have set us up to make! And on an even more positive note, we’ll more than likely begin to see a slow return to harmony and balance within our social interactions and personal relationships as well.


Well here’s your Cosmic Guide for January 2022! I’m so excited to leave 2021 in the past and see what 2022 has to offer us. Ultimately, after everything we’ve been through I know we have the strength to face whatever path lies ahead and Astrology gives us the upper hand in knowing what’s coming! Best wishes to you in the year ahead! I'm so excited to continue on this path with you.

One last thing, if you’re interested in making sense of this energy we’re currently navigating and getting an idea of what the next few months ahead hold for you then make sure to schedule a PERSONAL READING with me. You can schedule a reading by visiting my website. Please email with any questions you may have.

Happy New Year!


Yelena Crawford

Intuitive Astrologer

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