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Hello Cosmic Family,

Can you believe its already MARCH!? Good news, Venus and Mercury are both out of shadow this month and ALL PLANETS ARE DIRECT! What does this mean exactly? We have a nice two month window for movement and progress to occur. Another interesting thing about March is the multiple activations from winter eclipse season taking place - this brings manifestations to the areas of life those powerful lunation are working with us on! Together with all of the Pisces energy we are in for a magical and fated month that promises movement! Now, let us break it all down…

Venus Leaves Retrograde Post-Shadow - March 1st

26º Capricorn

We’ve been in this grueling Venus Retrograde cycle since the pre-shadow began back on November 17, 2021. All matters related to relationships, money & finances, yearnings for love and connection, over-indulgent behaviors, vanity, power, and conceit, and the things that bring you joy, fun and pleasure - have been under an intense reworking.

Although Venus stationed direct on January 29th we’ve slowly been wandering back through the territories that were explored which may have given us just what was needed to see/understand our personal situations on a deeper level. Now that Venus is clearing her shadow we’ll begin to notice these things moving forward once again. For some, leaving behind what isn’t aligned with your goals and objectives for the future and for others having built a more solid framework to operate from.

New Moon in Pisces - March 2nd

12:34 PM EDT - 12º Pisces (conjunct Jupiter & sextile Uranus in Taurus)

Energy is MOST active February 28th through March 4th

Compared to last month’s New Moon conjunct Saturn (bringing delays, challenge, limitation, and frustration) this month’s lunar cycle kicks off with some fireworks as it’s conjunct the big benefic, Jupiter! After many trials and tribulations, feeling stuck with things at a halt, or working and working but never quite reaching the carrot that’s been dangling in front of you all this time; this New Moon under Jupiter’s influence will have things appearing for you as if out of mid-air! Lots of luck, abundance, excitement, and opportunity is coming and that is a common theme that will carry through the entire month! Not to mention the creative potential with this one…. OH THE CREATIVITY! :)

We must not forget that this is a direct activation of the December 4, 2021, Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius as it will be squaring this point! This is energy of manifestation of our destiny but also a point in the process of bringing these things to life where we meet our first set of challenges and may potentially need to overcome a few hurdles. Whatever we see appearing at this time will be actual, external, real world change in our lives since it’s tied to the “solar eclipse” signature! This will be even more significant for those with planets or points between 7º and 17º of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

Jupiter Cazimi in Pisces - March 5th

14º Pisces

This also happens to be a VERY nice energy when the Sun comes together and energizes Jupiter, burns off any excessive tendencies or potential over-inflation associated with the Pisces/Sagittarius areas of your chart and Jupiter is reborn! This happens once a year and could give us a jolt of inspiration. Creative genius energy is amongst us in Pisces and we could come up against a person, place, thing, or ideal that helps us to heal deeply and shift our world views and personal perspectives!

The Sun represents our purpose at a soul level and how that’s expressed here in this physical reality. With Jupiter at the seat of the Sun’s throne, our purpose may become much more clear, confidence increases, and doors swing open! One thing we want to be sure of with this energy is that we don’t get too carried away in the dream, the fantasy; staying realistic can be the challenge here… with the sextile over to Uranus in Taurus we could however, make radical change to our material world - shifting and changing things our your favor.

Venus/Mars Conjunction - March 6th

Activates 0º Aquarius where the Great Conjunction of Saturn/Jupiter occurred on December 21, 2020.

Venus and Mars align in divine harmony at a very synchronistic point, 0º Aquarius, the Point of the Great Conjunction! This 2020 rare cosmic alignment was a major reset, shift and reality check for A LOT OF PEOPLE and life hasn’t been the same ever since. When the lovers were traveling together the past couple weeks in Capricorn, Mars is leading the pack really moving forward our visions and ideals for the future and cutting away the things not in alignment with that path! They now align at 0º Aquarius and Venus begins to take the lead and make divine connections! 0º Aquarius is highly concentrated Aquarian energy so you may certainly notice a need for liberation, a rebellious-steak if you will! All I know is, things are certainly beginning to move forward!

Mercury enters Pisces - March 9th

After moving through an intense retrograde period in Aquarius and Capricorn, the planet of decision making, negotiations, and communication enters watery, dreamy Pisces. At this point in its cycle, Mercury really starts to pick-up speed as it will move through two Astrological signs this month alone which symbolizes a shifting, changing mindset that will undergo some significant change in perspective by the month’s end. Analytical, detail-oriented, Mercury, sometimes has a challenging time navigating the waters of ethereal and imaginative Pisces. You may notice your thoughts being hard to ground or communicate practically or even indecision and the tendency to drift off into far stretching day dreams!

As the month progresses and Mercury speeds ahead it will meet up with expansive Jupiter on the 21st which is excellent energy for creative writing, expanding on spiritual knowledge, and compassionate, empathetic connections with others! It then connects with dreamy and otherworldly, Neptune, on the 23rd which could be powerful energy for mental reprogramming using binaural beats, affirmations, and subliminal messaging! I would highly suggest doing something creative where you’re able to be imaginative and not feel frustrated when mundane, linear, and/or logical tasks seem to be near impossible to execute! Even working to strengthen your intuition or psychic abilities or engaging with a healing practitioner could have a significant and positive impact on you at this time!

Full Moon in Virgo (Eclipse Activation) - March 18th

3:17 AM EST - 27º Virgo (trine Pluto in Capricorn, opposing Neptune/Sun conjunction)

Energy is MOST active March 15th through March 21st

Happening in the final decan of Pisces and Virgo, the Sun draws our focus towards addictions, behavioral patterns, self-sacrificial tendencies, or boundary issues we need to purge and release while the moon shows us where we can gain self-mastery by improving our lives through a constructive self-evaluation. With a Full Moon signifying a culmination and fruition point - and this one specifically occurring on the second to last day of the zodiacal year we have reached a critical time that’s urging us to push past old chapters and make way for a brand new cycle! Virgo energy is excellent for establishing a new set of healthy routines, changing up your diet, focusing on selfless service in some way, and getting organized in your every day life!

With this Full Moon opposing the Neptune/Sun conjunction in Pisces, we may find ourselves faced with the reality of some far reaching hopes and dreams. Don’t let your current circumstances dictate the possibility of your dreams coming true - just use this reality check pragmatically and create a solid plan for how you’re going to achieve them! The trine from this Full Moon over to Pluto in Capricorn will aid in bringing ease with planning, executing, and structuring your ambitions.

One final note here, this lunation is activating by trine the November 21, 2021 partial lunar eclipse point at 27 degree Taurus. A lunar eclipse is a super charged Full Moon and this particular one started off an 18-month cycle of big beginnings and endings on the Taurus/Scorpio axis. We may notice a completion, fruition, or manifestation of some deep emotional cycle or noticeable internal shift related to self-worth, goal-setting, releasing old toxicity (physically or emotionally), relations with money, finances, debt, obligations, fears, and addictions (to name a few).

Sun enters Aries (Spring Equinox/Astrological New Year) - March 20th

The equinox points mark the intersection of the Sun into the celestial equator where there are equal parts light and dark within a day. The time period where the Sun is rejuvenated in the sign of its exaltation, Aries, where it is celebrated and brings us life! This is known as the Astrological New Year - when following the signs in zodiacal order you begin with Aries and end with Pisces! Any intentions or resolutions you set at the Winter Solstice point (December 21, 2021 - Sun enters Capricorn); considering you followed through on them; may now be blossoming in many ways! Now is the time to create changes where needed and nurture the new birth that’s underway.

When the Sun moves through Aries it will be a very active and energized time for most of the collective (unless of course your chart indicates otherwise - ex. an Aries 4th or 12th house). Aries is a cardinal, fire sign that springs us to action where needed change can easily be initiated and you can feel empowered to be the authority in your life!

Mercury enters Aries - March 27th

As we near closing of March, we have another shift in mind and communication as Mercury the trickster planet enters bold and impulsive Aries. We must take note here that Mercury is combust (happens when it gets within 8º of the Sun) which debilitates its ability to function correctly. We could see this playing out with impulsive decision making, aggressive communication (speaking before thinking), a racing and agitated mind, and even an inflamed sense of self.

While Mercury was traveling through Pisces and connecting with the magic of Jupiter and Neptune, there’s a strong chance your mind ventured off into dreams of what you’d like to create. Idealizing and romanticizing all the magical possibilities or hoping for a miracle of some sort to appear. With Mercury now in a cardinal fire sign, there’s much less dreaming and a lot more doing! You may now find yourself taking action on some of these thoughts.

Venus conjunct Saturn square the Nodes of Fate - March 28-30th

We will certainly be closing out the month with a bit more friction than when we entered it! Exact on March 28th, Venus meets up with the master of tough love and life lessons himself, Saturn, at 21º Aquarius. This configuration will create a t-square energy to the nodes of fate in Taurus and Scorpio urging you to get serious about what you truly desire even if that means you’re different, the black sheep, an outsider, or fringe.

Shortly after (early April) Mars will pass through this same conjunction helping you to take disciplined, structured action to align with these desires! This can certainly bring a brief delay or challenge in getting what it is we truly desire. I always like to refer to Mars/Saturn energy as a combination of the gas and brake pedal. All in all, the delay is all part of the divine plan as Venus is helping us to get into alignment with what we truly value so that we can align our dreams (Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces) with reality!

Well here’s your Cosmic Guide for March 2022! We certainly have an interesting mix of energies ahead of us! Keep in mind, with Pisces being the final sign of the zodiac the energy may be heavy and cause an energetic drain from time to time. The best thing I can suggest is surrender and allowing necessary time for rest, meditation, and quiet contemplation. Cheers to releasing what’s necessary and stepping into the new year with a renewed sense of optimism. Repeat after me, “I welcome the energy of miracles in my life”!

One last thing, if you’re interested in making sense of this energy we’re currently navigating and getting an idea of what the next few months ahead hold for you then make sure to schedule a PERSONAL READING with me. I’m currently accepting bookings for mid to late March 2022. You can schedule a reading by visiting my website. Please email with any questions you may have.


Yelena Crawford

Intuitive Astrologer

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