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Your COSMIC GUIDE for November 2021

Hello Cosmic Family,

As promised since the beginning of 2021 were entering into one of the most intense portions of the entire year, welcome to November & December. In an effort to not overwhelm you, we’ll only be focusing on the Astrology of November in this newsletter. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s honestly hard to believe we’re in the final homestretch of 2021. It has flown by!

In November most of the major planets are direct and there is certainly a promise of LOTS of change and forward momentum. In the midst of all of this, Scorpio season will have us diving into our fears and shadows while the entrance into eclipse season makes us feel as if we’re being led into the future by an unseen force. Yep, things are about to get crazy! Can you feel it?! Keep reading to find out more…

Mercury Leaves Retrograde Post-Shadow - November 2, 2021

Mercury first entered its pre-shadow period on September 6th, stationed retrograde on September 25th, stationed direct on September 18th and has been moving through the post-shadow period ever since. You may or may not be wondering, what in the world is the shadow period?! Well, Mercury is going to be most intensely problematic when within the actual retrograde period itself however during the pre-shadow period we start to move through the degrees of the zodiac Mercury will soon move backwards over - which seems to be the time period that constructs the conditions we’ll be working through during the retrograde phase.

In the post-shadow period, Mercury marches through the degrees of the zodiac it moved forward through in the pre-shadow and then backwards through during the retrograde - yes, all the back and forth movement will certainly make your head spin! The post-shadow is a period where we usually have more conscious awareness and mental abilities to understand some of the challenges we were faced with during the retrograde period. There may be some reversals in fortune and even an actual moving forward of certain dynamics of our lives once Mercury FULLY exits its shadow. Now, we’re back to normal functioning minds, communication, electronics, vehicles, etc.

New Moon in Scorpio - November 4, 2021

5:14 PM EDT - 12 degrees Scorpio

Energy is MOST active November 2nd through the 6th

Potentially more challenging for fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Riding on the discussion of retrogrades above… I’m sure this introspective time period awakened A LOT of dynamics within all of us that are part of our shadow. According to Depth Psychologist, Carl Jung, “the shadow is that hidden, repressed, for the most part inferior and guilt-laden part of the personality.” It is thought to be the root of all evil and the reason why so much dysfunction occurs in our personal lives and the world at large. Scorpio season is a time period to embrace this darkness within - the shadow truly wants our attention, love, understanding, and acceptance in order to be fully integrated and stop wrecking havoc in our life. This new moon energy may launch us further into these hidden parts of ourselves. The question is, are you willing to face your darkness without judgement, shame, or fear?

The darkness of this moon holds a whole lot of power as it activates the gateway to the final eclipse season of 2021. Not only will the intensity and karmic changes begin to build with this lunation but we also have a STRONG t-square forming with the New Moon in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus and both connecting in a tense square to Saturn in Aquarius. T-squares are known for bringing more intense situations that make you feel as if you’re in a pressure cooker about to explode! Although this dynamic promises stress and pressure in our lives, I also love the energy because it is FULL of the focus, determination, and willpower we’ll need in order to persevere through whatever obstacles we may be faced with in the coming month. If you look back at some of the most important changes you've ever made in life, most of those were made under pressure. Remember, a diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under the pressure.

One thing that’s very clear to me is the MAJOR transformative and regenerative capacity this New Moon holds. Big changes may be set into motion by outside circumstances that are potentially sudden or unexpected or maybe its the inner urge to break free and rebel that bursts us forward into change! All in all, this is a time of new beginnings, setting something into motion, or dropping even the smallest seed of intention into the soil to be nurtured in the coming month. This energy is highly supportive of research, finding your own personal truth, aligning with your values, solving difficult problems, and facing the darker aspects of yourself.

Another element we may see in our personal lives or the world, is a new development related to money and finances. Both Scorpio and Taurus are signs relative to the topic of money, resources, investments, debts, pay-outs, etc. I will not be surprised if we see more power being exerted over the collective, sudden developments in the mainstream narrative, the potential for things that limit and restrict us and affect our ability to access the resources we’re so used to having. All in all, there will no doubt be a nervousness, anxiety, and restlessness in the air!

Venus Enters Capricorn - November 5, 2021

Venus the planet associated with harmony within relationships, joy we receive from friendship, the craving for balance and peace, our desire to be beautiful, and the accumulation of money and material things, is leaving the expansive and optimistic sign of Sagittarius and entering stern and strictly business, Capricorn. This isn’t just a normal movement of Venus into another zodiac sign which usually happens every 23 days or so because Venus just like all the other planets also retrogrades. Venus Retrograde only happens every 18 months and it causes the transit through one sign to last MUCH LONGER. With an upcoming retrograde in December, Venus will be in Capricorn until March 2022.

While in Capricorn, Venus affects the vibe of our relationships, the focus of our wants and desires, and how we give and receive affection. Our relational dynamics may take on a more serious tone. In matters of love, (if you’re already partnered up) the structures upon which your relationship is built may be ran through the gamut and tested to see the strength it holds. Some may last but ultimately we’ll see a lot of karmic closings taking place to clear room for new to come in that’s in more alignment with the person you’ve become. The theme will certainly be in the air of ‘commit or get out’. If you’re single, you may find yourself getting much more serious about ONLY allowing in prospective partners who promise a future of stability and commitment.

Outside of relationships, there will be a seriousness in the air relative to the building of wealth and increased importance of saving and being more disciplined with money and resources. For some, this may mean focusing more on goals and business endeavors over fun, friendship, and love!

Mercury Enters Scorpio - November 5, 2021

Mercury hasn’t switched signs for a couple of months and is finally gaining momentum! Wherever Mercury goes the energy of our mind shifts around including the way that we think, how our speech is filtered out to another, and how we perceive the information we’re taking in. In Scorpio, the words we speak and communications we receive may be more intense, focus on deeper topics, and may take us into conversations and realms of the mind that contain our biggest fears and parts of ourselves that truly hold us back in life and usually are stuck within our subconscious.

Use the power of Scorpio to do some internal research with yourself. What fears are lurking inside of you that drive your motivations/behaviors and prevent you from truly receiving the things you want in life? Notice any obsessive behaviors or patterns, jealousy or envy of another, passion filled rage and resentment, paranoia and lack of trust potentially keeping you separate. This is an excellent time period to rewire the mind from any toxic behaviors or addictive patterns we hold inside as you’ll have the mental focus and determination to end them once and for all!

Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus - November 19, 2021

3:57 AM EDT - 27 degrees Taurus

Energy is MOST active November 16th through the 22nd

(We must remember that eclipses play out over the course of a 6-month time period so the actual energy of this will last MUCH longer than just the date of the eclipse itself.)

Potentially more challenging for fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

This begins the very first eclipse in brand new signs which will occur over an 18-month period of time helping us to shift and adjust the Taurus/Scorpio areas of our lives to align more with what we’ve chosen for ourselves on the level of fate and destiny. Eclipses are VERY fated in nature, we may notice during eclipse season that we don’t necessarily have as much control over things as we may have previously thought. With that in mind, it’s important to practice the art of trust and surrender in what’s divinely right for us as we watch the unfolding of things leaving and entering our lives.

The sign of Taurus has a lot to do with our personal value system and morals, our money and finances, the ability to create wealth and find stability in the physical world, and enjoying life experientially through the senses. Being a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse there will be themes of release and letting go that we’ll be moving through. Since this eclipse in Taurus lines up with the North Node (Rahu) its emphasizing the need to release in order to make way for expansion, growth and development. With Taurus being a fixed energy, this release of things on either an emotional or physical plane of existence may be challenging to navigate because we may find that we’re stuck in our ways, have a difficult time letting go, and fear the possibility of instability that comes with chartering unknown territory.

Some questions to ponder during this time… Are your current circumstances in life supporting your personal morals and values? Do you have your own set of personal morals and values that you abide by? Where might you need to adjust these value systems? What could be holding you back from true financial abundance? What physical items or people produce such an emotional spark within you that you find the thought of losing it/them unbearable? What attachments are holding you back from achieving your long-term goals? Where may your lack of confidence and self-worth be blocking you from excelling in life? What steps can you take to improve this?

Sun Enters Sagittarius - November 21, 2021

After a month long period of deep-diving into the dark abyss within us it may be nice to lighten the mood with a more optimistic and fun-loving energy as the Sun makes its way into Sagittarius. Wherever the Sun moves it shifts our perception and colors the overall energy we experience. Although, Sagittarius is much more light-hearted than Scorpio, we must not forget the intensity that lies ahead at the beginning of December when we push forward into the final eclipse on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis which is surely to close an 18-month chapter of all of our lives with a bang!

In Sagittarius energy learning is essential and is done through our experiences, digging our hands into life and taking it all in. Our conscious awareness is subject to major shifts in perspective if we’re open to taking the lessons we’ve learned and allow them to expand within us. We may find ourselves in situations where we’re connecting with the world on a much grander scale, people from different countries and cultures, learning new languages, taking long distance trips, confronted with news or developments going on overseas, or even cooking cuisines from these places. If not any of this, allow yourself to find some adventure this month - it will certainly help you to not feel cornered in with all of the other energies we’ll be amongst!

Mercury Enters Sagittarius - November 24, 2021

Mercury is now moving along at full speed and as you can see has touched three different zodiac signs (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius) in the month of November. This momentum will assist our mind in navigating all of the external shifts we’re going through - we’ll be right on board with the mental processing necessary to move forward amongst challenge. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, we may be eager to learn and take on a course of study or maybe just engulf ourselves more into something we’re already learning. Take advantage of this mentally expansive energy! Allow the mind to wander on its quest to discovering your own personal truths and philosophies about life and what’s going on in the world at large. You will want to watch out for pushing your new found perspectives and beliefs onto others and just allow them to come to their own conclusions and mental shifts on their own. Remember, we are all on our own hero’s journey which means our minds aren’t geared to grow and expand on the same timelines as others.

Well that's your COSMIC GUIDE for November 2021! I hope you enjoy this new addition to my Astrology content! If you find it beneficial and would like to take a deep dive into your own Astrology for the month or year ahead, you can schedule a personal reading with me HERE! Oh yeah, if you haven't already added me on INSTAGRAM or subscribed to my YOUTUBE channel make sure to do so too!!!

Sending lots of love to you for the month ahead!


Yelena Crawford

Intuitive Astrologer

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