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Your COSMIC GUIDE for October 2021

The Astrology of October is NUTS! Us Astrologers have been talking about the final three months of the year since 2021 began and its finally here. After going through the entire month with a fine tooth comb I will tell you that the energy of MARS is VERY prominent this month! The energy I speak of is dynamic, powerful, energized, sometimes blunt, aggressive, and confrontational. From the New Moon at the beginning of the month until the Full Moon at the end, Mars is a key player. The beginning of the month is HEAVY with retrograde energy which means there won't be a whole lot of forward momentum which can cause us a lot of frustration. After October 18th, it's GO TIME! Full steam ahead! Things will start moving forward and maybe faster then you may have anticipated or are prepared for. Keep reading to find out more!

New Moon in Libra & Pluto Stations Direct - October 6, 2021

7:05 AM EDT - 13 degrees Libra

Energy is MOST active October 4th through the 8th

We kick off the month with a brand new lunar cycle which is running in tandem with the Mercury Retrograde period that began on September 27. Whatever is going on at the time of the New Moon each month sets the stage for the overall energy we'll be dealing with in the month ahead. With that said, this month packs a PUNCH with the Sun and the Moon in Libra connected to fiery, passionate, and war-like Mars which is also at 13 degrees. So what does this mean for us? Being in the sign of Libra which is an air sign focused almost entirely on one-to-one relations with others as well as mediation, fairness, and justice - we will certainly feel pulled to focus on who we're connected with, why we're connected to them, and what type of balance needs to be made within these connections. Important conversations may need to be had and there is certainly a potential for some fire within the dialogue but we will all be challenged to keep the peace while still voicing what needs to be said!

Mars rules over our motivations and drive and the Moon represents our emotional needs - with that said there will be an undeniable drive to connect with others during this time. For some, this will show you truths about yourself and your needs - are you codependent, do you base your value off of your connections/feedback from others, are you afraid to be alone, combative in relationships, too passive and always people-pleasing? Whatever it may be, this retrograde in Libra combined with the energy of the New Moon and Mars are here to assist you in balancing out the scales in your own life.

To add to this interesting dynamic, just a few hours later Pluto, the planet of death/rebirth, destruction, and transformation comes to a standstill and prepares for its forward movement. Pluto has been retrograde since April 27 and has been bringing into focus issues pertaining to power and control dynamics, obsessions, addictions, etc. This station will certainly move some things forward in a certain area of all of our lives within the month to come and certainly adds a touch of intensity to this New Moon! I can only guess that we will continue to see events in the collective relative to social justice issues and freedom from control structures play out in a more intense way with this shift of direction.

Venus Enters Sagittarius - October 7, 2021

Venus, the planet associated with the harmony and peace we experience in our daily interactions and relationships has been taking a beating over the past month during its travels through Scorpio, the sign of its detriment. Our focus has been on looking at truths that may be uncomfortable about ourselves and others as well as experiencing more intense connections and now the baggage is being integrated as Venus enters the more fun-loving, expansive, and optimistic sign of Sagittarius. Through this transit (lasting until November 5) we have the opportunity to learn through our experiences and connections with others! It's a great time to grow and expand together whether you're single, mingling, or happily connected any interaction whether it be a lover, co-worker, family member or passerby, they all have the opportunity to teach us something new during this time period so be open to the lessons! This is an excellent time to travel, take adventures, and mingle with other cultures.

Saturn Stations Direct - October 10, 2021

Saturn is a planet that many people fear - ruling over challenges, hard lessons, limitations, boundaries, restrictions, delays, etc. It has been Retrograde since May 22, 2021 and interestingly enough around this timeframe (when Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion also was dipping its toe into Pisces briefly) we saw a big lift of the collective restrictions that were placed on us due to Covid. I definitely don't want to be the bearer of bad news or create fear or anything along those lines but when Saturn moves direct once again there is a potential for some of these outward restrictions and challenges we were faced with to appear either the same or in vastly different ways in a personal and more mainstream collective setting. After all, Aquarius is a zodiac sign that does represent the collective.

Saturn also rules over hard-work, discipline, and responsibility. Saturn Retrograde may have been working with us on an internal level and challenging us with some of these topics. If you've been working diligently then when Saturn stations direct there's a potential you could reap the benefits of the karma you've sewn. Or it may be the other way around where you could be faced with outer limitations and circumstances due to the lack of responsibility and effort you've been putting in. Where do you stand with all of this?

Jupiter & Mercury Station Direct - October 18, 2021

This is a really big day in the Astrology of October you guys! As you can see we have quite a bit of forward momentum with 4 planets that were retrograde all moving forward now. This is a big indication that a lot of the delays, frustrations, and lack of progress in our lives will take a turn and it's time for things to accelerate. It does take a couple weeks or so for these planets to gain speed though so be patient - the shift most likely won't all occur today and will take some time for things to get moving forward! With the station of Mercury, the planet of communication, the mind, transportation, and electronics - we may slowly start the process of implementing the ideas we may have been pondering internally or the plans we've been silently working on during this retrograde time period since September 26, 2021. Keep in mind though, miscommunications, challenges with relational dynamics, electronic malfunctions, etc - may still be present until Mercury exits its shadow completely on November 2, 2021.

Jupiter retrogrades are periods of internal growth and expansion where we're able to really evaluate our personal belief systems and realign with our truth. When Jupiter moves direct we may experience a more outwardly expansive time period where things can actually manifest for us physically. This will however be slow and controlled expansion as Jupiter is still in Aquarius present with Saturn and has to answer to him for the rest of the year.

Full Moon in Aries - October 20, 2021

10:56 AM EDT - 27 degrees Aries

Energy is MOST active October 17th through the 23rd

We begin the ending of the month with a power packed Full Moon in the sign of Aries, opposing Mars, and in a square to Pluto. This will no doubt be a time of intense endings, a period of letting go, wrapping things up and celebration of the internal transformations we've been through since the New Moon in Aries at the end of March 2021. Aries is a sign of taking action and sometimes impulsively without much thought being applied and with this square to Pluto there may be some pressure that requires you to change (or maybe power struggles with someone that pushes you in this direction) - make sure to take some time to think on these urges first before diving into them head first!

Just coming out of a big retrograde period this lunation seems to me as a big indicator of the beginning of some big changes that are coming in the following months! Aries is a masculine, fire sign that signifies initiation and action and the past month and 1/2 we've really been forced to slow way down and go inside of ourselves to balance some things out and make adjustments to best prepare for the season of change that lies ahead! Now that we have forward momentum of some of the key player planets this powerfully energetic Full Moon yells for us to individuate, get rid of what restricts our self-confidence and personal power, and have the courage to push forward through any obstacles that may lie ahead with bravery!

Sun Enters Scorpio - October 23, 2021

Believe it or not the Sun actually does better in the sign of Scorpio than it does in Libra which is the sign of its fall. What does this mean? The Sun represents our vitality, self-confidence, connection to our purpose and joy in life and when in the sign of it's fall (Libra) we aren't able to access these things as easy. If you notice the transition into Fall from late summer the air is heavy and thick and our energy is drained... it's very literal in that sense. In Scorpio, things get deep... really deep. Think seasons, just as a metaphor (even in you live in the Southern Hemisphere just humor me) - Scorpio Season is the time when things truly begin to decompose and die, in preparation for the dormancy of the winter months. This is also the season for us to dive deep into darkness, allow past versions of ourselves and our ties to people and things that no longer serve us to do the same, wither away and die (metaphorically of course).

Scorpio is a sign of deep, internal transformation that changes us so much we create external change ourselves. When you know the "season" you're in, you can embrace it and do the work! Dive deep into what's uncomfortable, don't turn your eye to the qualities of YOU that you may normally be ashamed of or suppress - integration of these things, acceptance, and awareness will bring you closer to who you truly are. And THAT is what Scorpio season is all about. Hard? Yes, sometimes. Life Changing? If you allow and hold space for that potential, HELL YES!

Mars Enters Scorpio - October 30, 2021

In Scorpio, Mars becomes EXTREMELY POWERFUL! The planet of motivation, focus, drive, ambition and willpower as well as conflict, severing, separating, and strife is at home in Scorpio and is ready to rock and roll with the changes we may or may not know are coming our way! With the entrance into fixed, water sign Scorpio, the sign of intensity, power, obsession, and laser focus its being set up to activate that third and final square (a challenging communication of tension) between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. This square has been activated twice already this year (February & June) and brings up an ongoing saga between the old vs. the new someway in all of our lives. This dynamic brings in some sort of road-block or challenge each time requiring us to pivot and make a change. I'll leave it at this however, this is a dynamic we'll discuss heavily in next month's Cosmic Guide and in my YouTube Weekly Forecasts. Just know that Mars = Movement - its the energy that's capable of setting things in motion, removing things from your life, giving you the motivation to do that thing. When in Scorpio we become single-handedly focused on what it is we want and whatever it takes to make that happen!

Well that's your COSMIC GUIDE for October 2021! I hope you enjoy this new addition to my Astrology content! If you find it beneficial and would like to take a deep dive into your own Astrology for the month or year ahead, you can schedule a personal reading HERE! Oh yeah, if you haven't already added me on INSTAGRAM make sure to do so too!!!

Sending lots of love to you for the month ahead!


Yelena Crawford

Intuitive Astrologer

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