60 Min  /   $155

Natal Chart Reading:
Self-Discovery Tool

(Includes Life Path & Destiny Numerology)


Reading Options

All of my current offerings are listed below. After booking, you will receive an email within 24 hours with a Zoom link for our session. All readings are recorded and a link to watch the recording will also be provided after the session. If you prefer not to record, please let me know prior to the start of the session.

"As above, so below, as within, so without, as the Universe, so the soul."

-Hermes Trismegistus

Natal Chart readings will help you to uncover more about your soul's unique blueprint and how to live it & embody it during this lifetime. We may also

touch briefly on current planetary transits that are influencing the ways in

which your karmic potential is playing out here on Earth.


- Understand your 'BIG 3' - Sun, Moon & Rising

- Tap into the path and energy you're supposed to align with,

in this lifetime, via your Numerology Life Path & Destiny #

- Develop a big picture idea and roundabout understanding of

your personality and life by learning where all the planets were and

how they were communicating at the exact time of your birth

- Helps you to understand yourself on a much deeper level and

make sense of why you feel the way that you do & what lessons

and karma you're supposed to be learning

- Assists you in diving deep into your purpose & passions

- Identify blind spots... things you're unable to see yourself that

could be blocking you from progressing in life


The Natal Chart is said to be the karmic field you were born into.

Together we can decode what this 'natal promise' means for you.


Solar Return Tune-In:
Energies of the Year Ahead

(Includes Personal Year Numerology)

60 Min  /   $155

I use various tools and techniques during this 60-minute future illuminating reading. Alongside my intuitive knowing, I tie together where the transiting planetary energies are bringing to life your karmic blueprint with other tools such as Solar & Lunar Return charts, Personal Year Numerology, Annual Profections, and more!


- Provides you with an understanding of the general themes & incoming energies

of your year ahead from birthday to birthday - preparing you for what's to come

- Assists you in aligning with where the lessons and opportunities are for the upcoming or current year you're navigating rather than working against the grain

- Identifying times of the year that may be more beneficial &

more challenging to assist you in planning accordingly

The cycles of time are always in flux in this material realm - Astrology transit readings help you to flow with these inevitable tides of life and instead of being

a victim to them, step into a place of personal empowerment, and thrive! 


Natal, Transits, Solar
Return, & Numerology

90 min  /   $222

This reading is for those of you looking to combine the benefits of both readings above (Natal & Solar Return Tune-In). We will dive a bit deeper together with a longer reading format. This option is also great for those of you who have extra questions you would like to explore in more depth. Let's dive deep together!


Follow-Up Consultation:
For Previous Clients Only

45 Minutes  /   $99

If you've had a reading with me in the past 6 months and are just looking for a quick follow-up, then this option is perfect for you! This option is strictly for previous clients who have purchased one of the above readings and are simply looking to follow up without going through with a full consultation. This session is fully customizable according to your current needs and questions (which you may specify on the questionnaire at the time of booking). If you are looking for another full

year-ahead reading please schedule one of the options above.

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