Just a couple of the many benefits of a Birth Chart reading:

  • Understand your 'BIG 3' - Sun, Moon & Rising

  • Tap into the path and energy you're supposed to align with, in this lifetime, via your Numerology Life Path Number

  • Develop a big picture idea and roundabout understanding of your personality and life by learning where all the planets were and how they were communicating at the exact time of your birth

  • Helps you to understand yourself on a much deeper level and make sense of why you feel the way that you do

  • Assists you in diving deep into your purpose & passions

  • Identify blind spots... things you're unable to see yourself that could be blocking you from progressing in life

  • The Natal Chart is said to be the karmic field you were born into. Together we can decode what this 'natal promise' means for you.

1 hour  /   $111

Birth Chart Reading


Reading Options

I have listed my current offerings below and I look forward to discussing this beautiful spiritual practice with you!


Year Ahead Reading
(Solar Return + Transits)

1 hour  /   $111

Just a couple of the many benefits of a Solar Return reading:

  • Provides you with an understanding of the incoming energies of your year from birthday to birthday - preparing you for what's to come

  • May help you to answer questions and plan events pertaining to the immediate future

  • We will identify the common themes that will be playing out in your personal life

  • Identifying areas of the year such as your main focus, emotions and needs, communication and learning, motivation and action, opportunities for expansion or contraction, where you may be challenged, what may be easy, areas of transformation

  • Touching on the topics of the self/identity/personality, money and finances, education, business, career, work, relationships, friendships, healing and transformation, ect


All-Encompassing Reading

(Current Transits, Solar Return, Numerology of Month & Year)

1.5 hour  /   $155

Just a couple of the many benefits of the All-Encompassing reading:

  • You will receive the benefits of the Solar Return - Year Ahead forecast (see above for details)

  • Numerology is another way of decoding the blueprint of your soul... based off of your unique Life Path number (which I will interpret for you) you can decode the fluctuating energies of each month and the entire year giving you more details as to what type of life experiences lie ahead for you

  • We will dive into the transits (where the planets are currently moving in relation to the planets in your birth chart) to identify the current energies in your life that are influencing your immediate experience and what may be manifesting/playing out in the next month or two to come.


Follow-Up Consultation
(For Previous Clients Only)

45 Minutes  /   $55

This option is strictly for previous clients who have purchased one of the above readings and are simply looking to follow up without going through with a full consultation. This session is fully customizable according to your current needs and questions (which you may specify on the questionnaire at the time of purchase). 

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