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"Absolutely loved my astrology reading with Yelena. Her energy is infectious and her knowledge incredible. She helped me gain clarity on a lot of things to do with my chart and the upcoming months. Got me excited. Thank you xx”

Pippa Leslie - The Ego Coach

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"Yelena gave me a great reading with visuals and extra resources to help me prep for things that may be challenging in the future. She added context that I've been looking for and so much clarity and understanding to what I have going on in my life. She is also completely down to Earth so I loved the humor and how relatable she was throughout our time chatting. Thank you!"

Lauren Drake - Holistic Healing Coach

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"Yelena is a true authentic light for those who are ready to explore and grow. I would recommend her one million times over! I love how this work connects my current struggles and lessons to what's going on energetically."

Kerri Lumsden - Manifestation Coach & Healer

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"I'm so glad I had a reading with Yelena. The experience was phenomenal!

It was almost prophetic. I received insights that were both provocative and enlightening. I have a greater understanding of myself and a perspective on how to better achieve my life goals."

Fern Smith - Drifting Lotus Yoga

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"Yelena speaks not only from experience but from a desire to help those she does readings for. I admire Yelena's authenticity in expressing her true self and wisdom that goes beyond her years. I highly recommend a reading with Yelena. Thank you so much!"

Deborah Nugent - Psychic Medium

"Couldn’t get enough! Yelena goes through the details of your reading so clearly. Will answer any questions you have and will give you more than you expected to get! She’s a bright light that everyone needs to encounter❣️"

Debbi Morel


"I loved my reading with Yelena. The way that she incorporates both numerology and astrology together gave me a clear understanding of the gifts that I have and where it is that I am headed on this journey. I left the reading feeling really inspired."


Lauren Banziruk

"I have had the most amazing reading, the accuracy and pin-pointed days were fabulous to be aware of. I feel prepared and ready to deal with things that are coming in the future. Can’t wait to book for next year!"


Tracy Johnson - Colonic Hydrotherapy

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"Yelena took great care to make an astrological chart and explain it in great detail as well as a numerological connection. I recommend getting them both together. She has a great positive energy about her & I left feeling very good."

Nada Jurisich - Artist

"Yelena is such a beautiful person. I have known her for almost a year now. She spent three months coaching me personally through my Astrology and really got me on track with my life purpose and goals. I plan to continue with her guidance and her readings. It's not only been helpful but it's been fun too!"

Charlene LaValle

"Yelena is a very thorough and knowledgeable astrologer. She answered every question I had as well as adding a lot of valuable information she saw outside of my questions. I imagine I will consult with Yelena again many times in the future."

Valerie P.

"Yelena gave me such a wonderful reading. I had several really big moments of realization and understanding that I am still sorting through. There was so much covered in that hour, yet it didn't feel rushed, the pace was perfect. Yelena is so personable and welcoming, it felt like talking to a friend. I would highly recommend anyone book a reading with her, it is well worth it!"

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Jenny McNiven - A Sudden Awakening Podcast

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"Yelena is a natural Astrologer. Her desire to impart wisdom and help those who reach out to her for an Astrology or Numerology reading is a testament to her commitment to enlightening us on our soul's journey."

Deborah Nugent - Psychic Medium

"I have been to multiple Astrologers in my lifetime. For once in my life, Yelena's explanations made sense, things weren't too esoteric. Just the way the charts were explained to me. Going back to the past also validated so many things. What I couldn't make sense of suddenly gave me clarity and validation. This reading helped me feel rooted."


Diya Guha


"Yelena was excellent. The session was fun and full of gems that helped make sense of what's happening for me now and what has happened in the past.  

It was cool to see so many connections.  She was teaching me as we along

and her knowledge and love of astrology are apparent. I got my questions answered plus more.  Can't wait to do it again!"

ReGina Nonemaker - Relationship Coach

"Yelena is truly amazing! I finally got to connect with her and was blown away not only by her grasp of astrology but her ability to communicate/translate it to me in a way that I could not only understand but also apply it to my life situations. I have never had a more thoroughly enlightening and helpful astrology reading. I am booking another reading ASAP! :)



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